Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Smoking To Go

 (Sketch on A4 paper/colour added digitally)
These are from last year. I use to enjoy sketching this guy whenever he was about. Haven't seen him this year yet.


EclecticBox said...

I like the sketches!
No wonder why you enjoy drawing this guy! He has quite strong features, also puffing away on his cigars and sitting quietly makes of him a good model!

Dave said...

Thanks EclecticBox!
Yeah, he was really interesting to draw. He looked like he was a real tough guy in his day. Hopefully in a month or so all the regulars will be back out.

Roger Simó said...

Muy chulo Mr. Coogan!

Highskull´76 said...

Joder que pedazo de maestro que estás hecho , y la musiquilla muy buena, un saludo explosivo de parte de carlos cardero y alberto martos.

Dave said...

Hola Alberto! Cuanto tiempo! Muchas gracias a tí y a Carlos. Me pondré en contacto con vosotros, a ver sí nos quedamos un día.
un saludo!

rahul said...

Good to see the update here.
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