Thursday, July 9, 2009


My daughter Emma was born on June 1st at 2:02 am. Both she and Mum are doing well. It was amazing to see how she was born with her eyes open, looking around the room (although they say it takes a few weeks for them to be able to see details correctly). It's great having her in our lives. So for the moment sketching has been replaced with changing nappies!

Here's a drawing my friend back in Ireland, Martin Fagan, sent us. Thanks again Martin and everyone else for their best wishes.

My friend Silvia Ortega came to visit Emma and brought along these two wonderful drawings she made for her. The photos are from Silvia's blog but they look exactly the way they're are placed in Emma's room. Thanks Silvia!

A big thank you to my other friend Roger Simó who came to visit and brought along a copy of his book La Cinta Sense Fi, complete with a dedication to Emma. The book is filled with beautifil illustrations, please check out his blog!