Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dog's life.

Just some quick digital sketches for the fun of it.

I think if I was a dog, I'd look something like this (without the flies, mind you!). Starting to feel a bit old around the joints lately.


EclecticBox said...

Hey Dave!
Love them all! Each one has it's character!
Missed you on the last SketchCrawl!

Gillibean said...

Heehee nice selection! I love the droop in the top dog!

Martin Fagan said...

It's when I see drawings like these that I REALLY miss traditional animation.
There's tonnes of personality that you just want to bring to life.

Great drawings.

Roger Simó said...

Los años no pasan en balde amiguito!

Dave said...

Thanks Eclectic Box! Hope we can meet up soon.
Hi Gillian. As the years pass, I'm starting to get the same drooping posture as the dog.
Thanks Martin. Yeah, know what you mean about missing the traditional 2D animation. These are kinda my first sketches to be done entirely on computer (usually only use it for adding colour). Guess I need to do a lot more.
Sí Roger, ya se empieza a notar como se pasan los años.