Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Goodbye Cerdanyola

Well, it's goodbye Cerdanyola and farewell to the ol' drawing board! Quite some time has passed since the last post! This has been due to some recent changes. Work on the 2D project finally came to an end. This has implied a few alterations to my daily routine! No more sketching in Cerdanyola and no more sketching on the train (for the moment anyway). Now I’m working in the centre of Barcelona city, on a new project using Toonboom and Cintiq, so along with a change in time schedules I haven’t been able to get around to doing any drawing lately. Hopefully that’ll change as soon as I get use to the new job. Until then, here’s some photos of Cerdanyola and what has been my working area for the last few years.

It’s funny but in the beginning I didn’t really like Cerdanyola as I found it to be quite a cold and ugly place. Then, when I started to go sketching at lunch time, I began to find all the things I didn’t like became interesting and inspiring. All those tower blocks and roof top aerials, gonna miss ‘em! Can’t wait to start sketching again, tons of amazing buildings in Barcelona to draw, just a little bit more clustered than in Cerdanyola.