Wednesday, July 17, 2013

40th Sketchcrawl

First time in a while to do some outdoor sketching, spending around 2 hours between Parc de Cuitadella and Passeig de Lluis Companys. I was feeling very rusty on the day. The other sketches I did can be viewed on the SketchCrawl forum.
  Statue Fountain


Unknown said...

Hello. Dave.
Your picture is style my liking.
There is movement, and I feel interestedly if I see a picture.
I am interested in it, and you draw cheerily a picture.
Is good with you want to make a friend.
I appreciated a nice picture well.
I want to invite you to my Blog.
Your if visit, is glad.

Dave said...

Thanks for your comment. I've visited your blog, great sketches. I remember them from the SketchCrawl forum. Great style.
I can't work out how to leave a message on your blog (language difficulties!). Bing doesn't help!!
I'll try to work out how to follow your blog somehow!!

Unknown said...

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You had better try to have put URL a storage year.
Therefore, friends of other country do it in order to to make it to google so as to easily see it.
You had better click 덧글쓰기 to the picture lower part to leave message to my blog.
you are finished message on the right of leave if click thr 덧글입력.
My English is immature, and I cannot easily speak, and I am sorry.
Is good with you should make a friend. ^^

Unknown said...

Hi Dave
So sorry I didn't see you during symposium week or at the end - I also sketched the buskers at Arc de triomf. Next year?!

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